Insight Parent Portal


Chislehurst School uses an online system to provide you with the ability to see live data about your child whilst they are at school on a day-to-day basis. This is referred to as the “Insight Portal”. Current and historic attendance data, exam timetables (when available), current and historic interim reports, timetables, teachers of subjects and other relevant information are all available 24-7 to designated users of the system.

In order to access this information you must first ensure that the school has a current, working email contact for you. All current logins have been issued by post, any additional logins will be sent out as new students join.

Please send any requests for additional access to

This account will be linked to all children associated with you at Chislehurst School for Girls.

The system will work on most modern desktop or laptop computers and tablet devices.

If you have any issues logging on, missing children from your account or general questions about the system, please email   or telephone on 0208 300 3156


If you haven’t received a login, please send an email to



Smartphone/Tablet Access:

The Insight website can be used on your smartphone or tablet, however, for Android and Apple device users, there is now an App available for you to use if you wish to do so.

In order to use this on you Android or IOS(Apple) phone or tablet, go to either the “Google Play” store (Android) or “App Store” (IOS/Apple) and search for “Insight” or “Insight by TASC”


Once you have installed this App, you are prompted for details.  The username and password will be exactly the same as for the web version of Insight. 



The “Insight Web Address” is: 

Or you can use the “scan the QR barcode” button on your device to scan this code.