Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the school to speak to a member of staff?

A. Ring 020 8300 3156 and ask for the staff member you wish to speak to, or leave a message with our office team.

Q.Do we have a catchment area?

A.The catchment area varies from year to year and the safer option to get into Chislehurst School is to put us first. We do have students from Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham and as far as Keston.

Q. How do we apply if we live in another borough? Is there a separate form to fill in?

A. No separate form to fill in; you just fill in your Borough form and put us down as one of the schools. If you live in another borough, the safer option again is to put us first if CHSFG is the school that you want for your daughter.

Q. What is the reason for taking the aptitude test and is it mandatory?

A. We have introduced an aptitude test in order to gain a knowledge of the overall profile of the year group coming into year 7. This allows us to establish a programme in the curriculum which is fit for purpose and which responds to the needs of our new year 7. Should you decide not to take part, this would not impact on your daughter's chances to join our fantastic school. We would encourage all students to participate as this will enable our curriculum to stretch and support them in future years.

Q. Is there a chance to sit the aptitude test on another date?

A. This depends very much on the number of people who have applied.

Q. What is the provision for more able students?

A. A lot of our subjects are taught in sets in order to develop the skills and knowledge of the more able students. We have also introduced a “grammar” strand in the tutor groups and teaching groups. This enables our students to aim for Oxbridge and the top Universities and to have that ambition from day 1 in year 7.

Q. What is the school's provision for students with special needs?

A. We have a provision of Teaching Assistants in all the areas of the curriculum and have a dedicated SEND Manager who will decide on the support that the students need on an individual basis. After assessment, strategies will be put in place for each student.

Q. How often do the students get Homework?

A. Students will get at least one piece of homework per subject, per week, sometimes more. It is advisable to do the homework as soon as it has been given in order to avoid having too much to do in the same night. The amount and frequency increases for GCSE subjects.

Q. How is the school day structured?

A. Please refer to ‘The School Day’ section on the school website, located  in the Students Area.

Q. What are the food choices in the canteen?

A. There is a weekly menu and the menu changes.

Each day there is a variety of sandwiches, cold salads and hot meals. There is always a vegetarian option.

Q. How do I apply for Free school meals?

A. Contact our Finance office on the main school number: 020 83003156.

Q. Can the studentS leave the premises at lunch?

A. Only post-16 students are allowed off school premises during the day, all other students must remain on-site.

Q. Is there supervision at break times?

A. Yes there are staff members and Heads of Faculty on duty at break times and lunchtimes are supervised by the Senior Leadership Team and Midday Supervisors.

Q. How much is the Uniform, and where to I buy it?

A. Please refer to our Uniform page on the website for all information regarding School uniform.

Q. Where do the buses stop?

A. We have some buses leaving from our turning circle in school or there are 3 nearby bus stops with buses going towards either Sidcup, Eltham or Chislehurst

Q. Are there many after school clubs?

A. Please refer to our website, for our full activities booklet and information regarding after school clubs

Q. Can my daughter take Instrument tuition - how do we find out about it?

A. The Music Faculty coordinate all independent music lessons. Please contact Mrs Lowing , Head of Music: