Enrichment Programme


Would you like to undertake an AS level in something that you are really interested in like one of your hobbies, or research into something you have always wanted to know about but it isn’t a school subject?  Well now is your chance.  Think about doing ‘The Extended Project’.

The Extended Project is worth one AS level, but it also has an A* grade attached to it, whereas other AS levels don’t.  The A* grade is worth 70 UCAS points which might not mean anything to you now, but this is very important when applying to university in about a year’s time.

The Extended Project requires independent research skills; is one single piece of work, and will require you to plan and prepare your project independently.  You will have one lesson a week where you can ask for advice but mostly you are doing your own thing.  The EP can either be a written report or some form of activity which is written up briefly after the event.

Past activity project titles have been:

·         Putting on an Art Exhibition

·         Train a horse

·         Design a Website

·         Put on a Dance

·         Make a dress

Past report project titles have been:

To what extent has Tony Blair revolutionised the Labour Party?
The influence of the Post Impressionists on Virginia Woolf’s literature

Economic cost-benefit analysis of the 2012 Olympics

Why has MRSA proved so difficult to combat?

If you are interested in doing something like this, or if you have any questions, please see Mrs Jones.


This Level 2 Award in Community Sports Volunteering is a nationally recognised qualification. The aim is to prepare students to organise and lead sports and recreational activities. You will be assessed on your ability to organise and lead sports not on your ability to play sports.

There are five units of work which includes:

·         Understanding the roles and responsibilities of volunteers in sport

·         Developing volunteering skills

·         The role of an organising committee within sport

·         Organising and leading a sports event/competition

·         Raising funds for community sport


“I absolutely love running this course. Giving students the skills to lead younger children is very rewarding. Throughout the course I see the students confidence grow and watch them develop new and very valuable skills.”


You will be working with students in Year 7 here at school with the opportunity to also help at a local junior school. You will support students and teachers in a range of activities including group work, reading, preparation and display. Some students even led starters and tried their hand at marking. This would serve as invaluable experience for anyone hoping to work with children in the future.

" I always enjoy the buzz of primary schools because the children are so keen to learn. If you have ever wanted to be teacher this is your chance"


It’s all very well having your say, but do you really know how to form an argument and debate an issue? A debate involves a discussion of the pros and cons of an issue. Debating successfully is all about using argument and persuasion to convince other people that your views are right. These are the skills that the debating programme will allow you to enhance.

We are planning to provide a forum where you can show your debating skills, for example in a debating competition.

 “A key skill to life is being able to listen to others, as well as effectively putting your own point of view across. I believe it is of the utmost importance that each and every one of us has the skill in which to do this.”


Speaking in Public is designed to develop the skills necessary for effective oral communication and public presentation.

Learners who prepare themselves appropriately will develop:

1 Oral language skills
2 Technical skills
3 Knowledge of oral communication skills.

 You will be required to:

·  select, structure and shape subject matter into a coherent and concise speech

·  adapt language and form to audience, purpose and situation where appropriate.

·  build skills in vocal projection and clarity of speech.

·  Match tonal register to audience, purpose and situation where appropriate.

·  Integrate body language, notes and visual aids where appropriate, to support the subject matter and engage the listener.

·  have a knowledge and understanding of the techniques required for speaking in public

See more at: http://www.lamda.org.uk/examinations/all-examinations/communications-examinations/speaking-in-public#sthash.0LXLHSg9.dpuf

The Extended Project


Entry Requirements

5 x A-C in English and Maths, commitment to working independently. commitment to attending enhancement days, and other events, specifically set up to cover EP.  You are likely to be a high-achiever if you are to complete this project to the level required.

What is the Extended Project?

The Extended Project is an AS Level where the student decides on a project of their own choice.  They must produce a written report, and production log (like a diary) and must produce, and present, a presentation.  The report must be either:

* 5000 words long, OR

* 1,000 words + make a product/produce a CD/carry out an event.


What Will I Study?

You will be taught research methods, but the rest is up to you.  You will not be taught a subject, as your project is individual to you.  You will have a mentor assigned to you to help you through the project.


Your work will be marked internally, then externally moderated.  You will be assessed on your ability to identify, design, plan and complete the project (20%); use resources, obtain and select information from sources and analyse data (20%); develop and realise your project, solve problems, and take decisions critically (40%); finally review and evaluate your outcomes (20%). 

Where Will It Lead?

Universities believe the Extended Project shows a student’s ability to work independently and, thus, they believe it is an extremely useful AS Level to have.  So much so, that there is an A* grade available which is worth 70 UCAS points.  Therefore, it is likely that completing the Extended Project will help enable you to get into university and/or help you secure a career of your choice.