Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Summary for 2016-17:

Our Principles

CHSFG seeks to provide equal opportunities to all students irrespective of economic background. The school endeavours to use the Pupil Premium to ensure that those students whose families are financially deprived, have full access to all educational opportunities, and support these students to achieve their full potential.

Each year, the Pupil premium allocations aim to develop all aspects of the young people’s life and to support them academically and pastorally.

 There are several categories of support under the PP heading:


KS3, KS4 and 5 : Both linked to raising achievement and to narrowing the gap between Pupil Premium students and the     rest of the cohort               

2)      Alternative provision and support for students who are experiencing difficulties other than academic

3)      Pastoral measures:

·         Personalised attendance team’s work

·         Family Liaison Officer’s work

·         AEN PP students support work

4)       Subject specific support and equipment supply to facilitate revision and learning.

5)      Costs of trips/ uniform/ enhancement activities: financial support.

As a result of these various approaches, here are some examples of impact in the current year:

  • In Years 8 and 9, PP students are achieving grade 5, whilst our more able PP students are on grade 6 in the attainment 8 measure.
  • In the progress 8 measure, our PP students in Year 8 are outperforming the whole cohort.
  • In the threshold measure, our more able PP students are very successful with the vast majority of them achieving grades 5 at least, in both English and maths: this is true for years 7,8,10 and 11.
  • In the EBacc, our new GCSE year 9 more able PP have secured grades 5 at least in the vast majority of their subjects.


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Governors PP Report 15-16

Governors PP Proposal 16-17