Religious Studies


RS Curriculum

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We follow AQA Specification A Unit 2 and Unit 7 for the current year 10 and 11.

AQA Specification A


A Level Philosophy (RS)

Entry Requirements

Students will be required to have obtained a Grade B pass or above at English GCSE and a Grade B or above at Religious Studies GCSE or an appropriate Humanities subject.  You must have a love of debating ideas and discussing issues.

What is A-Level Philosophy?

All units on this course will make students think, listen and challenge their ideas.  It will help them to develop an argument and sharpen their mind.  Philosophy of Religion will try to answer questions such as ‘What is the purpose of life?’; ‘Is there life after death?’; ‘Why is there so much suffering?’ and ‘Is God really dead?’

What Will I Study?


  • Unit 1:  RSS03         AS           Unit C      Philosophy of Religion
  • Unit 2:  RSS04         AS           Unit D      Religion, Philosophy & Science

In each unit, candidates answer two essay questions from a choice of four.


  • Unit 3:  RST3B        Unit         3B            Philosophy of Religion
  • Unit 4:  RST4A        Unit         4A           Religious Experience

Candidates study one unit and answer two structured essay questions.



  • Each unit is 50% of AS, 25% of A-Level
  • Each unit is a one hour 15 minute written examination
  • Each unit is worth 90 marks


  • Unit 3: 25% of A-Level
  • One hour 30 minute written examination worth 100 marks
  • Unit 4: 25% of A-Level
  •  One hour 30 minute written examination worth 75 marks

Where Will It Lead?

A good A-Level grade in Philosophy can enable a student to enter a Philosophy Degree course at most universities, opening up a wide range of career opportunities.  Philosophy is highly regarded as a good qualification for entry into a number of professions, such as law, teaching, journalism and most other careers.



  • Miss L Cohen MA, BA, PGCE - Temporary Teacher of RS and History
  • Miss C Mackintosh