Role Models

modern museModern Muse will inform you about the working world, help you explore your subject choices and give you an idea of where those choices may lead. You can use the site to get career inspiration, connections, and advice from Muses and the companies they work for.

Muses are successful women, from a variety of backgrounds and Modern Muse gives you an insider’s view of their day-to-day work lives. There are so many career opportunities you may not know about, or perhaps you feel they are out of reach. That's not the case. Modern Muse shows you the many opportunities available as you prepare for your future.



What you’ll find on Modern Muse:

An intimate view of the Muses’ responsibilities, career paths, and the subjects they studied

A view of what it’s like to work for the companies Muses work for

A one-stop shop for career opportunities available at a variety of companies