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We are living in an increasingly scientific and technological society, so a good understanding and knowledge of Science is essential.

Science is housed in eight laboratories, one ICT suite and two preparation areas.

The National Curriculum for Science controls what we - and all other state schools - teach to students in the compulsory years of schooling. The way we organise the teaching is as follows:

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8, Science is taught as a single subject, with the girls assigned to streamed groups which will allow them to work at a pace suitable to their ability.







Acids and Alkalis

Solids liquids and gases


Energy Resources



Solar System

Level assessed task:

Level assessed task:

Level assessed task:

 Year 8

Plants and ecology



How the body works

Elements and compounds

Chemical reactions

Reactions of metals



Circuits and electricity

Light and sound

Levers, moments & pressure

Year 9

Cell biology


Infectious diseases

Atomic structure and Periodic Table

Bonding and Structure



Key Stage 4

Most girls follow a course in Double Science, which leads to two Science GCSE grades. These courses contain equal amounts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology which have been co-ordinated so as to provide an all-round ‘balanced’ Science education. Girls will sit externally-set examinations at the end of year 11.

We also offer a triple science GCSE course for a group of girls who have shown they have a particular aptitude for Science, and are likely to wish to pursue a scientific career.



Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Students obtaining a good grade in the GCSE course can go on to study any or all of Physics, Chemistry and Biology AS and A2 Level courses at Post-16. All of the courses consist of externally examined units. They will also complete a number of compulsory practical tasks during the course.


In addition to the many interesting activities taking place during lessons, an extra activity is organised for each Year group:

Year 7 students experience a mobile planetarium which visits the school.

Year 8 students are treated to the Science Museum day of activities, based around space travel.

Year 9 students take part in a Forensics day.

Year 10 students attend a Chemistry at Work event held in Bromley, and a visit from the Carbon Roadshow.


Mr Coomber: Head of Faculty: scoomber@chsfg.co.uk 

Mr S Bokth, BSc, MSc, PGCE - Second in Faculty, Head of Chemistry

Mrs S Aldworth, BSc, PGCE - KS3 Coordinator

Mrs N Bhalla Dhir, BEd, QTS        

Mrs C Lewington, BSC Hons, PGCE - Teacher of Science

Miss C Nicholson, MA, BSc, BTEC, PGCE - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Shimmin, BSc, PGCE - Director of Study, Years 7,8 & 9

Mrs N Searle, BSc, PGCE  - KS5 Coordinator, STEM Coordinator

Miss A R Webster, BSc, SDS