Extended Project


Would you like to undertake an AS level in something that you are really interested in like one of your hobbies, or research into something you have always wanted to know about but it isn’t a school subject?  Well now is your chance.  Think about doing ‘The Extended Project’.

The Extended Project is worth one AS level, but it also has an A* grade attached to it, whereas other AS levels don’t.  The A* grade is worth 48  UCAS points which might not mean anything to you now, but this is very important when applying to university in about a year’s time. It is highly thought of by universities and can be key to gaining an offer of a place at university.

The Extended Project requires independent research skills; It is one single piece of work, and will require you to plan and prepare your project independently.  You will have one lesson a week where you can ask for advice but mostly you are doing your own thing.  The EP can either be a 5000 written report or some form of activity which is written up briefly after the event.

Past activity project titles have been:

·         Putting on an Art Exhibition

·         Train a horse

·         Design a Website

·         Put on a Dance

·         Make a dress

Past report project titles have been:

  • To what extent has Tony Blair revolutionised the Labour Party?
  • The influence of the Post Impressionists on Virginia Woolf’s literature
  • Economic cost-benefit analysis of the 2012 Olympics
  • Why has MRSA proved so difficult to combat?

If you are interested in doing something like this, or if you have any questions, please see Mrs Pascoe.

Specifications, Logs & Documents

Extended Project Specification L3

Assessment Objectives in Detail pages 9-13

Example of an A* Project

Harvard System of Referencing

How Students Complete the Production Log

One Blank Production Log


Extended Project Introduction & Assembly - new format

Extended Project Introduction & Assembly - old format

EPQ Short Presentation for Staff

Enhancement Days

Lesson Objective - Day 1

How to write a report - Days 2 & 3

Starting Research - Days 2 & 3

Presentation - Days 2 & 3

Harvard Referencing - Day 2

Programme - Day 2

Choosing Research Methods - Day 3

How to write a questionnaire - Day 3

How to conduct in-depth interviews - Day 3

Completing your analysis - Day 3

Writing-up your Extended Project - Day 3