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In order to keep up to date with all the letters we send out as a school, it is essential that you register with ParentMail (for 

Chislehurst School for Girls). Please follow this link and register your details, or download and return the form below.

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Whole School Letters

Name Date File Size  
Anti-bulling letter 13th Nov 2018288 KB Download
Bromley Foodbank 03rd Jul 2019239 KB Download
Bulgaria Ski Trip 2020 13th Mar 2019458 KB Download
Bulgaria Trip letter 19th Dec 2018486 KB Download
China Trip 2020 26th Feb 2019238 KB Download
China Trip letter 19th Dec 2018400 KB Download
Christmas Concert 2018 07th Nov 2018299 KB Download
Christmas Jumer Day 2018 26th Nov 2018297 KB Download
Christmas Shopping Trip 2018 04th Oct 2018361 KB Download
Community Information 29th Jan 2019186 KB Download
Disney Trip 2019 26th Nov 2018224 KB Download
End of Term Arrangements Spring 2019 22nd Mar 2019317 KB Download
End of Term Arrnagements 11th Dec 2018303 KB Download
Enhancement Day 7th Feb 29th Jan 2019185 KB Download
Enhancement Day July 2019 09th Jul 2019247 KB Download
Italy Trip Launch letter 20th Sep 2018252 KB Download
J10 China Trip 28th Jan 2019400 KB Download
J138 HSM 28th Jan 2019250 KB Download
J567 Year 12 10th May 2019275 KB Download
J576 Year 11 10th May 2019275 KB Download
Mandarin Lessons 15th Nov 2018309 KB Download
Nut Aware School 10th Jan 2019392 KB Download
Operation Encompass 10th Jul 2019187 KB Download
Staff Training Days 02nd Oct 2018294 KB Download
World Book Day 2019 06th Mar 2019235 KB Download
Year 10 Inspector Calls 2018 05th Sep 2018348 KB Download
Year 11 Christmas Carol 2018 05th Sep 2018347 KB Download
Year 11 Revision 16th Jan 2019314 KB Download
Year 8 Camp 01st Apr 2019426 KB Download
Year 8 camp letter 2019 14th Jan 2019433 KB Download
Year 8 Parents Evening 28th Jan 2019294 KB Download