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BSGA London Schools Trampoline Competition 2018

Following the fantastic success of the School Borough trampoline competition on the last day of term, we achieved the following results:

Year 7

The Year 7 team (Phoebe, Isabelle, Ruby, Clarinda, Esther and Georgia) came 2nd out of 8 teams.
Pheobe came 2nd out of 36 pupils. Georgia 7th and Ruby 15th.

Year 8

The Year 8 team came 4th and 5th out of 8 teams (Macey, Vivan, Olivia, Maddie, Abi-Gayle, Olivia and Ria.
Macey coming 13th out of 31 pupils. 

Year 9

Sarah coming 4th out of 33 pupils


Year 10 

Danielle coming 10th, Beth coming 16th and Tiana coming 11th out of 18 pupils.

Year 11 

Francesa coming 11th and Ellie coming 14th out of 24th pupils from Year 11-13.
Sarah (Year 9) and Phoebe (Year 7)  competed in the South Regional Finals, where Sarah achieved Bronze Phoebe achieved Silver at the semi finals 


On Sunday 25th November both girls will be representing the school at the 2018 Regional Schools Trampolining Championships. This competition could lead to them competing at the Southern Zonal and then the National Region.