Community Comments

Received via email:

"As a Grandma of a girl at your school, I naturally watch the girls from Beaverwood, when I am up in the town. I have to say that the girls are always polite not obtrusive or too loud, this means that travelling with them on a bus is a pleasant experience. A few weeks ago I was waiting for a bus behind four of your girls. When the bus arrived it was crowded and I thought that I would not be able to get on. The four girls stood aside to make sure I got on.I was so impressed by such thoughtfulness and selflessness from these girls it lifted my spirits. I am so pleased that my grand-daughter is at your school. All the girls are a credit to the hard work of the Head and staff. With girls like yours, there is hope for us all in the future. Thank you."

Eileen Hunt (Mrs).

"A very big thank you to Mrs Buteux and Mr McMorrow, and those who organised the 11/11/11 trip to Ypres for Year 9. Maddy thoroughly enjoyed the trip and was over the moon to get the opportunity to visit her Great Great Grandfather's grave at Potijze to lay a wreath and read the poem. This must have been a very moving experience for her and her fellow students. I spoke to Maddy about her trip and she has much more of an understanding about the sacrifice made by so many. It is fair to say that Beaverwood brought history alive on a special day, and that this trip will be referred to by Maddy in many years to come."

Mr & Mrs Hegarty

“Good Morning, I attended the Post 16 Session last night (3/11/11) (with my daughter and husband) and just wanted to pass on our thanks to our guide (I think her name was Lauren Mills or similar). She was a credit to your school - polite, knowledgeable and was eager that we got the best out of our visit by showing a keen interest in my daughter’s subject choice, and directing us to the most appropriate subject areas. She was very patient and had a smile on her face the whole two hours she was with us. It was very much appreciated.”

Ms T Gallagher

"I have been travelling to work in the mornings for some years now, through Sidcup, on the 269 bus.

Both at the stop where I board the bus, and on the bus itself, there are usually many girls who attend your school (identifiable by the uniform).

I have to say that in these days where rudeness and bad behaviour are commonplace, it is a pleasure to travel with these young ladies.

Yes, they are excited to see their friends in the mornings (and why not); yes, they are occasionally talking on their mobile phones or texting; yes, if alone, they are sometimes listening to music via headphones, but this is always done in a quiet and discreet manner, and never interferes with other passengers.

Furthermore, I have seen your girls often give up their seats to an elderly or less able person, or to a pregnant woman, or a mother with a buggy and child.

In short, your pupils are a credit to the school, the uniform and to their parents."

M J Meader (Mr)