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Our Core Values at Chislehurst School for Girls

Our 4 R's

Respect: we value positive relationships built on mutual respect, care and kindness

Responsibility: we encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning, their environment and their behaviour choices

Restoration: we take restorative approaches to develop empathy and the life-skills of negotiation, co-operation and compromise

Resilience: we foster independent, aspirational learners who are able to recognise and learn from their mistakes



We develop confident, resilient young women with high expectations and a love of learning; enabling them to become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.


  1. To develop every students' potential to the full, morally, intellectually and socially.
  2. To foster a belief in achievable high expectations within a culture of educational excellence.
  3. To develop self-discipline and respect for the needs of others.
  4. To provide a safe, caring, co-operative and stimulating learning environment.
  5. To prepare every student for adult life and to become contributing and self-reliant members of society.


Governors’ Three Year Strategic Commitment 2018-2021

These are our strategic commitment in line with national guidance

Leadership and management

  • Governors set ambitious targets for all groups and areas of the school
  • Governors ensure a balanced curriculum including enrichment opportunities is delivered
  • Governors continue to challenge and support school leaders, building a diverse and relevant range of skills
  • Governors continue to ensure outstanding levels of care in safeguarding
  • Governors continue to lead the Bromley Schools' Collegiate as an outstanding provider of teacher training
  • Governors support collaborative partnerships as a national support school

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Governors commit to develop and improve the high quality of teaching, learning and assessment in order to raise achievement
  • Governors ensure effective performance management and continuing professional development (CPD), enabling the development and progression of all staff
  • Governors ensure the stimulating learning environment continues to be fit for purpose

Personal, Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Governors ensure attendance and punctuality continue to improve
  • Governors ensure all groups of students continue to feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe within well-developed safeguarding procedures
  • Governors have high expectations of behaviour and monitor the implementation of policies in order to achieve this
  • Governors ensure that the school implements relevant policies to support spiritual, moral, social and careers (SMSC) and personal, social, development (PSD)

Student Outcomes

  • Governors ensure all groups of students continue to improve their rate of progress and attainment from their starting point and in line with ambitious targets
  • Governors monitor that transition years make rapid progress e.g. Year 6 into Year 7, Year 11 to Year 12 and Year 13 and beyond

Sixth Form

  • Governors ensure that the Sixth Form is well led with quality first teaching, learning, assessment and good attendance, leading to good outcomes