Creative Arts



Year 7

In addition to their Year 7 Expressive Arts lessons in Art, Music and Drama, students undertake one additional lesson per week on a rotation of the afore mentioned subjects as well as Dance. During their creative lesson they produce work that contributes to the annual School Dance Production; undertaking activities such as set design in Art, choreography and performance of pieces in Dance and Drama.

Year 8

This is an exciting, innovative course that students study in Year 8. They receive a two lessons each week and the emphasis is very much on developing their creativity amongst Expressive Arts subjects, and strengthening their practical skills.

During the year, girls will follow a course of Art, Dance, Drama and Music, with approximately nine weeks spent on each subject. This is entirely separate from what they study in their normal Expressive Arts lessons, and allows them creative freedom of expression.

The theme for the year is Contemporary Arts, which is deliberately flexible to ensure maximum creativity. For example, in Music, students learn how to successfully market a band and put together a dance track using computer software, they then create a ‘movie-maker’ video to accompany it. In Art, students undertake various activities based on the theme ‘Anarchy in Art’ and study work by artists such as Banksy, Jackson Pollock and Jamie Reid.