Full Staff List:


Mrs M French, BA (Hons), PGCE, FCCT, FRSA
Deputy Headteachers Mrs C Tipping, (Senior), BA, PGCE, NPQH
  Mrs D Forder, BA, PGCE, NPQH
Assistant Headteachers Mrs A Hart, BA, PGCE
  Mrs A Hodgson, BA, PGCE
  Miss E Mensah, BA, PGCE, MSc
  Miss C Nicholson, BSc, PGCE
  Mr G Rutter, BMus, PGCE
Acting Assistant Headteacher Miss A Singer, BA, PGCE, Director of Study Years 10 & 11
Ms L Davies, BA, PGCE Head of Faculty, KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs H Melton BA (Hons), PGCE Second in Faculty, 
Mrs H Walker, BA (Hons), PGCE Second in Faculty, KS3 Coordinator
Miss D Allwood, BA, QTS KS5 Literature Co-ordinator
Mrs S Baker, BA, PGCE Year Co-ordinator
Mrs D Dunkley, BA, QTS Year Co-ordinator, Director of Study Years 9 & 10 (maternity cover)
Miss K Frost, BA, PGCE (NQT) English teacher
Ms E James BA, QTS English teacher
Mr T Molyneux, BA, PGCE Head of Drama
Mrs N Nelson, BA, PGCE KS5 Language Co-ordinator
Mr G Rutter, BMus, PGCE Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Taylor, BA, PGCE (NQT) English teacher
Mrs M Hing-Bekoe, BSc(Hons), PGCE Head of Faculty
Mrs A Tutt, BSc(Hons), QTS Second in Faculty, KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs M Grigorova-Bankova, MSc, PGCE Numeracy Co-ordinator, KS3 Co-ordinator
Dr R Kumar MEng, PGCE Mathematics teacher
Miss J Mallyon, BSc, PGCE Mathematics teacher (ECT) - Mentor: M. Grigova-Bankova
Mrs L Ramesh, BSc, QTS Mathematics teacher
Mrs L Robinson, BA, QTLS Mathematics teacher
Mrs P Syed, BSc (Hons), PGCE Mathematics teacher
Mr K Tavares, MSc, BSc, QTS ICT Mathematics Co-ordinator, KS5 Co-ordinator
Miss E Thompson, BA (Hons) QTS Maths PP Coordinator
Mrs N Searle, BSc, PGCE Head of Faculty, Head of Biology
Mr S Bokth, BSc, MSc, PGCE Second in Faculty, Head of Chemistry
Mrs S Aldworth, BSc, PGCE KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs N Bhalla-Dhir, BA, MA, QTS Chemistry & Biology teacher
Mr C Copper, BSc, PGCE, (NQT) Physics teacher
Miss G Edrupt, BSc, PGCE Asst. DoE Co-ordinator, Science Teacher (ECT) - Mentor: S Aldworth
Mrs K Erengwa, BSc, MSc, QTS, FCCT Head of Physics
Mrs C Lewington, BSC Hons, PGCE Biology teacher
Miss L Matcham, BSc (Hons), PGCE Chemistry & Physics teacher
Miss C Nicholson, BSc, PGCE Assistant Headteacher
Miss A Webster, BSc, PGCE Year Co-ordinator
Mrs L Shimmin, BSc, PGCE Director of Study, Years 7, 8 & 9, P P Assistant
Expressive Arts  
Miss G Young, BA, PGCE Head of Faculty
Miss L Lowing, BA, PGCE Second in Faculty
Mr W Brearley, BA (Hons), PGCE (NQT) Art & Design teacher
Mrs M Cornwell, BSc, PGCE Year 11 Coordinator, Raising Achievement Coordinator for KS4 PE and KS5 PE
Miss K Walker, BSc, PGCE P E teacher/Head of Extracurricular PE, Asst. DofE Co-ordinator
Miss C  Mackintosh, BA, QTS D of E Co-ordinator
Miss C McRoberts, BA, PGCE Head of Dance, Head of Core PE
Mrs J Whiteley, BA (Hons), PGCE (NQT) Art & Design teacher, Head of House
Mrs J Chappells, BA, PGCE Head of Faculty, International Co-ordinator
Ms E Tellick, BSc, PGCE Second in Faculty, Head of Geography
Mrs H Burbeck, BA (Hons), PGCE Head of History
Miss L Cohen, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Head of R S, Head of House
Miss M Davis, BA, PGCE Director of Studies, Sixth Form
Miss H Harris, BSc, PGCE Capital Cultural Co-ordinator
Mrs J Holdaway BA (Hons) PGCE History teacher
Miss V Kehinde BA, PGCE R S teacher, Head of House
Mrs S Mills, MSc, BSc, GTP Geography Teacher
Ms S Pryce BA, PGCE History teacher, EPQ Co-ordinator
Miss A Singer, BA, MA, PGCE Director of Study Years 10 & 11, Acting Assistant Headteacher
Social Communications  
Miss E Mensah, BA, PGCE, MSc Acting Assistant Headteacher, Head of Faculty
Miss J Deshaies Head of MFL
Mrs L Buteux, BSc, GTS Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs D Forder, BA, PGCE Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Hodgson, BA, PGCE Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr R Mercuri, BA, MA, PGCE Second in Faculty, Teacher i/c Spanish
Ms Linda Pascoe BA PGCE Business Studies Teacher
Mrs C Tipping, BA, PGCE, NPQH Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mrs O Vipie, BA (Hons), QTS Spanish teacher
Mr B Turan, BA, PGCE Head of Faculty, Enhancement Days Co-ordinator
Miss C Hosken, BA, PGCE Teacher i/c Food Technology
Miss S Long, MA, BA, PGCE Technology teacher, Year Co-ordinator
Ms H Robinson, BA (Hons) BSc, PGCE Head of Computer Science, STEM Co-ordinator, Sixth Form Enhancement & More Able Co-ordinator
Mr C Viljoen, BEd Careers Co-ordinator
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs S Beevers EAL Assistant
Mrs C Bushell  
Miss E Ward  
Mrs S Davison  
Mrs C Fenech, BA (Hons), PGCE  
Mr R Graham, HLTA  
Miss Z Kacie-Malone  
Mrs M Kehoe, HLTA Literacy Assistant
Mrs D Murtagh  
Mrs D Philpott, HLTA  
Mrs M Hanson-Williams  
Miss C Taylor, BA (Hons)  
Educational Support Staff  
Mrs T Axford Administration Officer, Student Reception
Mr T Bevan Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Family Liaison Officer
Mrs A Brook Administrative Systems Co-ordinator, Sixth Form Support Officer
Mrs C Broughton Senior Exams Officer
Mrs L Burke Pastoral Support Officer, House and Enrichment Activities Co-ordinator
Mrs S Clark, BSC (Hons) Attendance Support Advisor
Mrs A Daniel Assistant Attendance Officer
Mrs L Day School Business Manager
Mrs E Fakorede Sixth Form Support Officer

Mrs H Flagg

Finance Officer
Mrs J Lord Inclusion Officer
Miss S McAllen Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs A Mclean Year Co-ordinator, Pastoral Support Manager, Head of House
Mrs L Marsh Office Manager
Mr D Meeks, BA (Hons) New Technologies Resources Director, Marketing Manager
Miss C Moulinie BA (Hons) Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs D O’Connor Pastoral Support Officer, 
Miss T Okcay Pastoral Support
Miss E Poole Football Coach
Mrs K Punnett, BEd Manager of LRC
Mrs S Rahman Attendance Support Assistant Years 7-11
Ms I Russell Headteacher’s P A, Human Resources Officer
Ms Kelsey Smith BA (Hons) Receptionist
Ms C Staples SEND Manager
Miss S Stapley Senior Data Manager
Miss L Taylor, BA (Hons), PGCE, NAML  SENCO
Mrs A Wagstaff  BA (Hons) ECDL Coordinator
Miss J Walker Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Safeguarding Officer
Mrs J Wallace Catering Assistant
Miss C Wilson BA, QTS, PGCE English Tutor
Mrs S Zoccola Receptionist/Administrator
Miss J Harding Clerk to the Governing Body, Cover Manager
Cover Supervisors  
Mrs M Fisher  
Mrs J Godly  
Mrs M Hill  
Site Management  
Mr M Binmore Premises Manager
Mr P Churcher Lettings Caretaker
Mr G Goddard Caretaker
Mr C Ingram Senior Caretaker
Mr D Roxburgh Groundsman/Caretaker
Mr T Sullivan Assistant Caretaker
Mr M Sapsford Lettings Caretaker
Mr A Wilkes Lettings Caretaker
Mr M Ali First Line ICT Technician
Mr E Barbosa Laboratory Technician
Mrs C Bushell Food Technician
Miss A Frampton Laboratory Technician
Mr M Robinson Network Manager
Mr M Woodard Senior Science Laboratory Technician
Midday Supervisor  
Mrs N Rickwood  
Peripatetic Music Teachers  
Mr S Barnes Piano
Mr C Dixon  Guitar
Mr M Ingleby  Piano & Keyboard
Ms I James Strings
Ms M Tarlton Trumpet
Mr C Wilkes  Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone
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