Future Aims



Ideas we want to implement this year:

  1. Eco reps in every form : Each form has a box for collecting crisp packets. These are then taken once a week to Technology where they can be emptied into a central box for recycling

  2. Volunteers to help with the upkeep of the Eco garden one lunchtime a week
  3. Eco board monitors ( Science)
  4. Competitions eg strangest object you can grow a plant in
  5. Litter picking group
  6. Relaunch the refillable water bottles
  7. Launch the adopt an animal project in Year 7
  8. Relaunch our parent a plant project
  9. Queens canopy – Rebecca and Ayesha
  10. The Big Write - The idea is we write letters to councils, government, companies highlighting any problems that appear easy to fix and ask for a response We could create a wall of the responses we get if enough people do it
  11. Eco committee section on the school website
  12. Eco tips


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