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Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and education is a key part of both the core and extended curriculum at Chislehurst School for Girls. We take every opportunity for our students to: be reflective about their own beliefs and others’, develop a moral purpose, use and develop a range of social skills and understand and respect a full range of cultural influences.

Some of the many ways we promote our students personal and social development include:

  • Having a diverse and constantly developing Enrichment Curriculum (please see full timetable), designed to provide students with intensive careers information, volunteering opportunities and additional, non-curricular education inside and outside of the classroom.
  • We work closely with external professionals, and our internal careers programme to assist students in making the right next steps. Our partnerships span the breadth of financial intuitions, sector-leading businesses and dedicated organisations within the local area, each with a view towards providing students with the greatest chance of attaining their desired career.
  • As part of our enrichment programmes, we offer a range of life skills such as ICT and personal finance modules, while students are also encouraged to express themselves creatively through art, music and drama programmes.
  • Having weekly Year team briefings and Thought for the Week where we cover current affairs, historical events, politics, religion and financial literacy.
  • Having PSHE lessons which includes a broad curriculum with lessons including: the new relationships, sex and health education, drug education, mental health education, E-safety, county lines, anti-bullying education and citizenship education.
  • We adopt a cross-curricular approach to teaching the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle, which we include in PE, Science and PSHE.
  • Offering a wide range of school trips to develop students understanding of the local, national and global world they live in.
  • Offering opportunities for student leadership including, student council, Head Girl and Head Boy and prefect duties.
  • We provide a consistent focus and understanding of our school values and we use those values to encourage our pupils throughout the school day


PSHE Curriculum Map

Behaviour for Learning Policy 2022 CSG 079 copyMrs A Hodgson – Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Behaviour for Learning



CSG 082

Miss A Singer - Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Personal Development

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