RSHE Curriculum

RSHE Curriculum at Chislehurst School

Since 1999, it has been compulsory in state-funded secondary schools to deliver the relationship and sex education (RSE) aspect of PSHE.

We live in a drastically different world to that of 22 years ago and the new RSHE Department of Education Guidelines addresses and incorporates the world our young people are forming relationships in.  This is an important step in providing adequate RSHE for young people in the 21st Century.

Further to the new regulations for RSE, the Health Education (HE) element of PSHE is also to become compulsory in state funded secondary schools.  The guidance released this week draws heavily on young people who conduct lives both on and offline, the dangers of which should certainly be included in the content of RSHE. It also discusses diverse relationships, respect, wellbeing, mental health, resilience, and the integration of LGBT discussions.

The RSHE curriculum provides valuable life lessons, many of which are necessary because of threats which have gathered pace in the last 22 years such as extremism, body image and online presence and knowledge of mental health concerns.

The RSHE curriculum at CHSFG in line with government guidelines is universally accessible and delivered to students in an age and developmentally appropriate way.  It is taught sensitively and inclusively, with respect and acknowledgment of the backgrounds and beliefs of our students and parents.  The curriculum provides our students with a sound knowledge of the law; particularly around key issues such as consent and the sharing of indecent images.  The lessons have been designed with diversity and inclusion at the centre ensuring that all lessons incorporate and reflect the nine protected characteristics in line with the Equality Act 2010.

 The DfE stipulate in their regulations that “Schools should have the same high expectations of the quality of pupils’ work in these subjects as for other curriculum areas.”

Please review the whole school PSHE curriculum overview and RSHE Policy for an outline of the subjects and contents delivered for students.



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