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Our Uniform is available to purchase online through JK Clothing in Eltham provide an embroidery service for CHSFG PE kit. 

To purchase items of CHSFG's uniform online please Click Here to be re-directed to JK Clothing Eltham store

Uniform 1

Uniform and Personal Presentation at Chislehurst School for Girls

Compliance with school rules on uniform and personal presentation is the cornerstone of positive behaviour, creating a professional image, both for the individual student and the school. For the full uniform list and PE kit, see the below. Key items are as follows:

  • CHSFG kilt, CHSFG tailored trousers, pale blue blouse or shirt (long or short sleeved) and blazer
  • For the colder months, school jumpers are optional (should not be worn instead of the School blazer); no other jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans are permitted
  • Plain black or navy-blue coat/jacket – no denim or leather/PVC
  • Plain black or navy-blue flat shoes with a closed toe and heel – no sandals, trainers or boots
  • Plain black tights or black/navy socks – no leggings
  • No make-up or nail varnish should be worn at KS3 (years 7-9)
  • At KS4 (years 10 and 11), discreet make-up and clear, not coloured, nail varnish is permitted. Students will be asked to remove make-up which is inappropriate for school e.g. heavy eye make-up, bright lipstick
  • Nails should be kept short and natural - acrylic nails are not allowed in school
  • The only jewellery permitted in school is a small pair of studs worn in the earlobes and a wristwatch (smart watches are not permitted) – no other piercings are allowed.
  • Hair colour should be within the natural range of hair colours
  • Hair accessories should be modest, safe and within the range of CHSFG uniform colours: long hair should be tied back in practical subjects for health and safety
  • With the exception of headwear worn for religious reasons, hats or hair coverings should not be worn inside the school building

Thank you to all our students and parents who maintain very high standards of uniform throughout the year.

School Supplier:        JK Clothing ltd, 148 Well Hall road , Eltham, SE9 6SN      0208 859 4004


Plain dark navy blue or black overcoat; or plain dark navy blue or black lined raincoat; or plain dark navy blue or black duffle coat; or plain dark navy blue or black anorak.  We do not permit the wearing of sheepskin, leather, fur fabric, denim, suede, velvet, silk, satin or PVC jackets.


Black or neutral tights in a plain design must be worn at all times.

Every girl should have a large, waterproof bag, of a dark colour, big enough for carrying school books and equipment.


  • Navy blue polo type shirt with pale blue panels
  • White socks and white sports trainers (no plimsolls, converse, vans or high-tops)
  • Navy blue skirt with pale blue panels (for team players, optional for others)
  • Navy blue shorts with pale blue panels

·         Plain Navy tracksuit trousers

·         Sweatshirt with the school logo

·         Strong sports bag

NB       All jewellery and watches must be removed for safety reasons in PE lessons.

EVERY ITEM MUST BE MARKED WITH THE OWNER’S NAME (stitched on polo shirts and sweatshirts on the left chest area, on shorts and tracksuit bottoms on the left leg – JK Clothing in Eltham provide an embroidery service for CHSFG PE kit).

Uniform PE 2

During Physical Education lessons, all valuables must be handed to the Physical Education teacher, who will keep them in a secure bag during the lesson.  Valuables must only consist of permitted jewellery, keys and a small amount of money.  Teachers will not accept mobile telephones, iPods and similar devices.  Should you permit your daughter to bring these items into school, they must be secured in the student’s locker.  Teaching staff will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, such items.


  • The wearing of any form of body jewellery, i.e. rings, bracelets and necklaces, is NOT allowed - with the exception of a watch and one pair of very small plain gold or silver stud earrings (to be worn in ear lobes only).  Nose and/or tongue studs or other body piercings, must NOT be worn in school.
  • Only plain navy blue or pale, plain blue ribbons, slides, or clips are allowed for tying back hair.  Hair must be a natural colour.
  • The wearing of make-up and nail varnish is NOT allowed. 
  • The School recommends that mobile telephones and/or iPods are not brought into school.  If a student, with or without their parents’ permission, chooses to bring them into school, the student is responsible for their safe keeping.  The School does NOT accept liability for any damage and/or loss of such articles, which should be covered by suitable insurance taken out by parents/carers.
  • Chewing gum and Tippex are NOT allowed in School.
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