Women in Art


This month we have launched an exciting new event to celebrate female artists and promote the diversity of Art & Design opportunities for women that exist in the creative world. We have so many successful female artists and designers across the world, both past and present and it is important for us to acknowledge their achievements, and to look at them as inspirational role models. Equally we’d like to celebrate our former students of CHSFG, who have gone on to study creative subjects at University, as well as commencing their own successful careers in a variety of creative fields, from Illustration, to Textiles Design, to Photography. We have so much creative talent at CHSFG, some of it hidden - this is your opportunity to get involved, get creative and get inspired!


We have already commenced our Women in Art event with a Fashion Design competition which we launched during the October half term holiday. This is to be followed by a series of competitions every week with a different focus: Photography, Fine Art & Graphic Design. Click the links below or look on our Instagram page @chsfg_artcomps for details.


We are also running the following events over the coming weeks:

  • Competitions promoted and displayed on our Instagram page @chsfg_artcomps
  • Favourite female artists (your teachers discuss their favourite works of Art)
  • Student VLOG spot (interviews with students on their favourite female artists)
  • Ex-students talk about their own work in Illustration, Fashion Design, Textile Design & Photography in virtual lessons
  • Year 7 ‘Illustration Animal Pattern’ brief set and judged by an Illustrator who is a former CHSFG student, with prizes for the winners
  • Photography, Textiles and Illustration briefs set by former students for GCSE & A-Level students, to be promoted on Instagram and prizes awarded to the winners
  • Your Art teachers talk about the inspiration behind their own Art work
  • Women In Art PSD activities
  • Former student Creative Hall of Fame

Check your e-mails and Instagram for updates, and click on the links below where information will be updated.



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