Design and Technology

KS3 Technology

In KS3 students will rotate between two Technology subjects of Food and Graphics. These schemes of work are designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as supporting the development of pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Design Technology. It provides pupils with the opportunity to develop design skills and Technology capabilities through a combination of design and practical tasks.

Students will be given an opportunity to show their creative skills by completing design projects which will encourage students to develop design ideas, research skills, self and peer evaluation as well as presentation skills.

Students will develop practical skills in the classroom and use a variety of techniques to prepare themselves for end of year exams.

KS4 Graphic Design

Students will develop their drawing/sketching skills, improve knowledge and understanding of different graphic designers and the techniques they use. Photoshop and Illustrator are also a key element of Year 9’s practice.

Students will develop some of the basic key skills within these two programmes. They will be assessed by an end of year exam.

Year 10-11 Graphic Design

Students will compete 4 units over the two years using all the skills they gave learnt in KS3 and in Year 9. Units 1&2 in Year 10 and units 3&4 during Year 11 along with an exam at the end of Year 11.

Unit 01 Introduction to graphic design – students will develop an understanding of the components of graphic design. They will do this by working with physical and/or digital materials and techniques. They will be introduced to graphic design components through personal experimental work.

Unit 02 Graphic design practice – students will explore design disciplines, examine the work of recognised designers and use their understanding of design components to identify successful design practice. Students will develop their research skills as well as how to present their work.

Unit 03 Responding to a graphic design brief – students will analyse the requirement of a graphic design brief. They will understand the requirements and develop some possible ideas to meet the brief. The students will further develop an idea and present their final graphic design. Finally, they will analyse their work and review how they have met the brief.

Unit 04 Graphic design portfolio - students will explore working in the graphic design industry, by looking at different ways to present work to understand different types of portfolio. They will then design and create their own portfolio and review how the portfolio presents their skills as a graphic designer.

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