The High Ability Programme

Our aim is to prepare every student to become successful citizens in the twenty-first Century

Working in partnership with the students and their parents, we will nurture each of our High Group of More Able Students to develop their potential to the full morally, intellectually and socially.

As the local school of choice for More Able students, your daughter will have access to a Grammar School style curriculum, through our Grammar Stream.

We will develop:

  • Students’ resilience and determination through our curriculum activities,
  • Their employability and leadership skills through our targeted enhancement provision for each year group and challenging Teaching and Learning sessions.

We will strive to:

  • Make differentiated resources available to our students in order to ensure the highest level of achievement in their academic studies,
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to develop their interpersonal skills in order for them to become active and effective participants in society,
  • Put in place a curriculum that will enable them to enter our top universities.

Together we will develop the leaders of tomorrow

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