Important updates to Transition Events

Jun 22

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 for September 2021. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this week (14/06/21) that the lifting of all restrictions would take place on the 19th July 2021 instead of the 21st June, we have had to amend our transition arrangements to keep everyone safe and abide by the guidance.

• The CAT tests will not run on Saturday 26th June, as we need to limit the number of visitors to the school and indoor activities. We will wait to see if we are permitted to run these at the end of July or if we wait until September.

• The New Parents’ Welcome Evening will be a virtual presentation instead of a face-to-face meeting in school to stay in line with government guidelines. We will also postpone the scavenger hunt.

• Family Welcome Telephone Call: A member of our Transition Team will give you a call in the next two weeks. This will allow you to share any information about your child including her gifts and talents and clubs that you hope for her to join at our school and ask any questions that you may have.

• New Year 7 Induction Day 6 July: This will go ahead, but our new girls will be kept in smaller groups and for half a day only. Further details to follow closer to the date. This is a Borough wide agreement and possibly the most essential part of the process for the children to visit their new school. We will run this in smaller bubbles and hopefully with a significant part being held outside.

• Three-Day Summer School: 26-28 July: This will go ahead as planned and once again we will keep our students in bubbles (their new tutor groups) and outside where possible.

To continue to protect our young students, we will follow our system of controls, which will include bubble groups for the Induction Day and Summer School and shorter time spent in school on the 6th July. Hand sanitiser will be available in all the classrooms and the building will have its own hand basins, toilets, and soap. All classrooms will be ventilated and any opportunity to run the sessions outside will be explored.

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