Year 8 into Year 9 Preferences

The next few years will be a very exciting time for you at Chislehurst School for Girls.  Some of you will already have a clear idea about the sort of career that you would like to have, and some of you will take much longer to decide.  Whatever stage you are at, it is a good idea to make your decisions about your Year 9 courses based upon some of the following: 

Aim to have as wide a variety of subjects as possible;

  • Know where your strengths are; be as well-informed about the courses as possible;
  • Think about where the subjects can lead to in the Sixth Form and beyond, even if you’re not certain about a future career. 

In other words, plan for five more years at Chislehurst School for Girls!

Read the below brochures very carefully.  They explain what the subjects are, at what level you can study them and how to express your preferences.  The Core Subjects are those subjects that everyone must take.  Remember that PE and PSD in the Core Subjects section are not examination courses, and that English and Science usually lead to two GCSEs each.

Good luck with your preferences.  Always ask for help if you are unsure.  Your Tutor, Director of Studies, Year Co-ordinator and subject teachers are all available to advise you.


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