Dress Code

Sixth Form students are aware that they should dress professionally at all times. Naturally, expectations vary according to the specific role carried out by each student, and it has been felt that some guidelines would be useful to ensure clarity about these expectations. Sixth Form students should be smart and business-like.


  • Business wear is expected; Blazers are compulsory and all students should wear a shirt/blouse and tailored trousers (plain dark colours only) or skirt. Ties and tailored dresses are acceptable.
  • Hair must be a natural colour.
  • Plain dark coloured shoes with low heels. Heels and toes must be enclosed.  TRAINERS OF ANY COLOUR ARE NOT PERMITTED, NOR ARE BOOTS OR ANY OTHER ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR WHICH COVERS THE ANKLE 
  • No students should wear shorts, skorts, body-con skirts/ dresses, playsuits, leggings or any denim items of clothing at any time.
  • No visible body piercings (other than ears) or body art. 
  • Students should not show underwear, midriffs, wear spaghetti strap, strapless or excessively low-cut tops. Shoes should be safe e.g. no open-toed shoes in Product Design or Science rooms Students should not wear flip-flops, extremely high heels, trainers, military or Ugg style boots.
  • Students involved in Physical Education activities should wear Physical Education clothes only when they are in practical lessons.
  • For practical subjects i.e. DT and Food, steel toe-capped boots, chefs’ whites and clogs should be worn, as appropriate to the task only when they are in practical lessons.


All Sixth Form students are issued with a photographic ID card that grants them access to the Sixth Form Centre via card readers on every outer door. The Sixth Form Students must wear their ID cards at all times.


For school trips students should dress appropriately in accordance with the nature of the trip.


For Parents’ Consultation/Review meetings, Information Evenings, Open Evenings and other events which parents, students, and members of the public would attend, the dress code should be as for ordinary school days.

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