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Sixth Form - What We Offer

A-Levels are traditionally two-year courses of study, available in a wide range of subjects. Students have tended to study either three or two A-Levels.

A-Levels under this new scheme, as in previous years, will still play a crucial role in providing entry to university, college, a trainee management role, or the start of a professional career.

Subjects Available

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Download - The Way Ahead Brochure 2021-22 The following subjects are those that the school made available last year. Please note that the running of a course is subject to student numbers and availability of subject specialists:

A Level Courses

  • Art & Design    
  • Photography                                         
  • Textiles                                                  
  • Music                                                     
  • Dance                                                    
  • PE                                                           
  • Economics                                            
  • Drama and Theatre Studies               
  • English Language                              
  • English Literature                               
  • History                                                                       
  • Geography                                          
  • Religious Studies                             
  • Computer Science
  • Maths                                                   
  • Further Maths                                     
  • Community Languages                        
  • French                                                 
  • Spanish  
  • Psychology    
  • Sociology       
  • Business           
  • Biology                                      
  • Chemistry     
  • Physics        

Level 3 Courses

  • Health and Social Care         

  • Cambridge Technical Introductory

  • Diploma in IT (Level3)             

  • BTEC Applied Science 

  • Tourism        

  • Cambridge Technical Extended

  • Certificate in Digital Media     

  • The Extended Project  

  • Exceptional Scholars






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