Did you know if you undertake an apprenticeship you get paid while training?

The minimum wage is £2.73 per hour (Nov 2015)

The average wage is £4.85 per hour (Nov 2015)

After one year, you get the national minimum wage – whatever that is at the time.


There are three levels of apprenticeship:

  1. Intermediate (L2) – roughly equivalent to GCSE
  2. Advanced (L3) – roughly equivalent to 2 A levels
  3. Higher (L4-7) – above A level


Use the following website to help choose an apprenticeship:

Click on “search for vacancies”

Then what?

Choose an apprenticeship you like

Apply – they will ask for a CV and letter of application – There are tips on how to write these two documents on the same website.

Other Info

(Don’t forget there is also a National Careers Service website) or try

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