CHSFG student wins Computing Competition

Sep 18

Talented computing enthusiast Rachel Talabi gave up ten days of her recent summer holidays to register for a programme called ‘Teens in AI’, a set of workshops run by Acorn Aspirations, led by Elena Sinel. The programme challenges students of all backgrounds aged 12-18 to work together to solve real- world problems with modern solutions, using Artificial Intelligence and teamwork as a focus.

Rachel was fortunate enough to work at several different locations with many different mentors. Specifically, Rachel’s group were tasked with tackling teenagers’ mental health issues caused by bullying. Their solution was to invent an app which allows users to talk to a ‘chat bot’, who gives advice and refers users to a professional suited to their needs. Many experts lectured during this prestigious programme, including leading representatives from the BBC and the Royal Marines.

Rachel’s group came from a variety of schools, colleges and backgrounds and together, their app was judged to be the winning idea for the competition. A proud Rachel said, “My group worked amazingly together and we’re glad to be able to keep working together to carry on building and improving our app. I would recommend to anyone to give up some of their own time to develop their own passions and interests – you never know what it might lead to.”

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