Duke of Edinburgh Success

Jun 4

During the lockdown period, many Chislehurst School for Girls students have been working hard on their Duke of Edinburgh's Award from home. The award involves students completing a range of activities under the categories of Skill, Physical, and Volunteering, in addition to the Expedition for which the award is best known. Students have been volunteering by helping younger siblings with schoolwork, and by supporting charities online, keeping physical with long walks around their neighbourhoods, and by following fitness videos online, and improving their skills by cooking, baking, drawing, and practising their instruments. 


Last year's cohort have also been congratulated this week for the 377 hours of Volunteering that they completed last year, which equates to a social value of £1,640. We are very proud of our students for their continued resilience and commitment to achieving their award, and look forward to sharing their ongoing success.

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