A Poem from Mrs Raven: My Chislehurst Gals

Jul 17

I have written this poem especially for my girls , as a celebration of our lives at Chislehurst School for Girls

My Chislehurst Gals  (with apologies to Wordsworth)


I dashed briskly as a Headmistress 

Who strides on heels thro’ corridor and classroom, 

When all at once I saw a gaggle, 

A giggle of black watch C’hurst gals; 

Beside the piazza,beneath the lime tree, 

Twisting and twirling, like leaves , in the Quad. 


Continuous as the achievement points that glitter 

And sparkle on the House point shield, 

They gathered in the lunch queue, 

Along the path, beside East : 

1061 saw I at a glance, 

Shaking their heads in hot denial. 


Other schools beside them danced; but they 

Out-did the competition in Glee: 

A headmistress could not help but be proud, 

In such a feisty company : 

I gazed and gazed , but little thought 

What joy the show to me had brought: 


For oft, when on my sun lounger I shall lie 

In trauma or in mindfulness , 

They shall flash upon my inward eye 

Which is the bliss of phased retirement ; 

And then my heart with pleasure surely fills, 

 And dances again, with my C’hurst gals. 


Mrs K Raven.


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