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Chislehurst School for Girls

Our students are our best advertisement, so do take the opportunity to speak with them and their teachers, should you visit the School.

Mrs K J Raven

Working closely with students and their parents, we set out to:

  • Prepare every student for adult life by developing her potential to the full, morally, intellectually and socially, and promoting her physical, creative and ICT skills;
  • Provide a safe, caring, co-operative and stimulating environment which fosters her intellectual, social, cultural and religious acceptance;
  • Using emotional intelligence to develop self-discipline and awareness of the needs of others;
  • Enable the students to become contributing and self-reliant members of society;
  • Enable the students to develop a positive attitude towards, and belief in, achievable high expectations within a committed environment of educational excellence.

What can you expect for your daughter if she attends Chislehurst School for Girls?

She will be joining a happy and successful school community, where she will be encouraged to work hard and to achieve the best of which she is capable. We believe that each student has strengths and, through the care and knowledge of each individual, we will help her to develop these. Our vision for the future is combined with the traditional values that society respects. We believe in good discipline and students know what is expected of them at CHSFG. It is easy to flourish in a well-ordered and pleasant learning environment.

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

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